Users Prefer Scrolling to Clicking

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Back when we had conversations about the design of eApp, I remember one of Agency’s immovable requirement was that the design should require as little scrolling as possible. In fact, they even pushed for a design that used horizontal scrolling because they were so certain that people disliked scrolling down. All this hand-wringing was misplaced, ...

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2014 Trends: Design Gets Bigger

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For a while now, we’ve been beating the drum of responsive design: sites aren’t just viewed on desktops anymore; they’re accessed through laptops, tablets, phablets, and smartphones. So far, this has translated to looking at how to make designs look good on increasingly smaller screens. However, something has happened that will open up a new ...

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Frog Design Predicts Top 15 Trends for 2014

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It’s January and that means prognostication time for writers. I’m always wary of these lists, because I find my definition of a defining trend and that of journalists seem to vary widely. For example, 2013 was supposed to be the year of wearables–but I’d argue that they really had little effect on the marketplace. Sure ...

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UX Magazine Interviews Don Norman

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UX Magazine has a short interview with Don Norman, co-founder of the Neilsen Norman Group and author of the hugely influential book The Design of Everyday Things. What I like about him is not only is he insightful, he has a great way of cutting through the superficial and really getting to the heart of ...

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Building the In-house Design Agency

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There’s a really great article today on Boxes and Arrows, discussing the nitty-gritty of running an in-house UX Agency. It goes in-depth to talk about everything from selling the idea to management, allocating costs, keeping team members motivated, to getting buy-in across the company. It’s a really good read and very relevant. Some of the ...

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Why Companies Are Terrible At Spotting Creative Ideas

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An interesting thing happens within companies when it comes to creativity and innovation: some organizations, even those built on those principles, wind up inadvertently stomping it out. Xerox for example, repeatedly tried to discourage their own employee from finishing the first laser printer. Why does this happen? The answer may lie in the way in ...

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Designing Dashboards

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The very nature of insurance means that much of my design work deals with large sets of numbers, trends and complex transactions. As a result, much of my essential function is to find ways to make that information easy to understand. The easiest way to do that is through a dashboard. But how much information ...

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Underbid Your Clients

Posted by on Dec 5, 2013 in Design | One Comment

A List Apart published an interesting article about an unorthodox method of securing clients: under-bid them. The example given is that when clients approach you with a $100,000 budget to build a new site, send back an RFP for a $20,000 project. This doesn’t mean that you ask for less than you’re worth, rather you ...

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Making Yourself Redundant

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One of the issues that I’ve encountered that causes endless frustration is when the owner of a project has a vested interest in making it fail. That is, they worry that a successful project will make their services irrelevant. There will probably always be people like this and it’s something that we’ll all just have ...

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