Designing Dashboards

By December 5, 2013No Comments

psychology-information-dashboards-smallThe very nature of insurance means that much of my design work deals with large sets of numbers, trends and complex transactions. As a result, much of my essential function is to find ways to make that information easy to understand. The easiest way to do that is through a dashboard.

But how much information is too much? When should you use a chart as opposed to a table?

An article from UX Magazine outlines the core concepts behind effect dashboard design:

  • Allow users to be in control. Make sure users have the information they need, show them what’s important, and allow them to act on it.
  • Avoid dependency on short-term memory. Use graphs and charts rather than many numbers and cut all unnecessary information.
  • Let users drill-down to see more detail as desired
  • Group related information together and split other information across tabs.
  • Make it easy to use.

The article goes a bit deeper on each of these topics, and highly recommend giving it a read.