Does The Insurance Industry Need Facebook?

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In an article last week, Denise Garth of the Insurance Networking News waxes poetic about the impact of AXA Insurance’s new partnership with Facebook. She coos about the ways in which this puts AXA at the forefront of customer experience and likens it to Bobby Thompson’s famous “Shot Heard Round the World.” Meaning, I guess, ...

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UX Design As Leadership

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Perhaps the greatest obstacle I’ve faced is from organizations who have only a hazy idea of what UX is. Companies who don’t know what it is are often happy to let UX experts drive the process, while in places where the practice is recognized, it’s likely already been deeply ingrained in the project life-cycle. But ...

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Mesh Networking: Revolutionizing the Internet

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Attached is an article that outlines a new technology that Apple has released in iPhones and Google is (reportedly) in the process of adding to their phones that could be a huge shift in the way the internet works. The way we connect now is through a central hub–if you want to get to a ...

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Android Wear – Google’s Answer to the Non-Existent iWatch

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Pundits have been predicting the rise of wearable smart products for a few years now. We’ve seen some health devices from Nike, Fitbit and others, and we’ve seen some curious experiments with augmented reality from Google’s Glass headset. The common consensus among industry watchers is that Apple is preparing some revolutionary device that will bring ...

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A Brief History of Artificial Intelligence

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Siri and Google Now have gained a lot of publicity for bringing artificial intelligence into the hands of the general population, but they simply the latest in an extraordinary effort that’s spanned 250 years. The search to figure out how to make a machine that can really understand and interact the way a person does ...

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The Battle for the iOS Homescreen

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App maker Betaworks recently asked their Twitter followers to send screenshots of their phone’s homescreen. They received over 1,000 responses and have released the data they culled from the results. Some really fascinating trends immerged and it paints a picture as to how people actually use their smartphone. There’s a lot of interesting information in ...

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Study: Design is Good for Business

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I came across an article today studying the correlation between good design and good business. In a study of the top 75 publicly traded companies, 15 were identified as being design-led. “Design-led” in this case was defined as having “design had to be embedded within the company’s organizational structure; design leadership had to be present ...

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The Best Web Professional Is the One That Doesn’t Exist

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The UX Blog Disambiguity recently published a post declaring that the best UX Team is the one that doesn’t exist. “I don’t see this as a governance issue. It’s not about who is ‘in charge’ of user experience. It’s a philosophical framework for sharing the responsibility for the users’ experience and allowing problems to be ...

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Should Designers Trust Their Instincts or the Data?

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One of the nice things about working in web technology, is that it’s easy to get immediate feedback on whether a design is successful or not. A wealth of data is available to us and can be helpful in identifying design victories and setbacks. But how much should designers trust their gut? When should they ...

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Lenovo Buys Motorola From Google

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The headline is pretty straightforward (Lenovo pays Google $2.91 Billion for Motorola), but there’re actually a lot of implications to this deal. Google, as you might remember, bought Motorola two years ago for $12.5 Billion and at the time, many speculated that this could indicate that the Search Giant was preparing to steal a page ...

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