Mesh Networking: Revolutionizing the Internet

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Attached is an article that outlines a new technology that Apple has released in iPhones and Google is (reportedly) in the process of adding to their phones that could be a huge shift in the way the internet works. The way we connect now is through a central hub–if you want to get to a website, you connect your laptop, tablet or phone to your network router, which then connects to the internet. If your router goes out, then you lose internet connection.

Mesh networking, on the other hand, turns every connected device into a router. The technology is already used in Apple’s “Air Drop” feature that allows users to share files without an internet connection. In traditional networking, that file would have to be passed through the router and then to your friend’s device, but Mesh Networking allows direct transfer, even if neither one of you has an internet connection.

Mesh networking essentially turns every connected device into a router. So if you were in a crowd of 5,000 people, everyone would be able to share the internet connection as long as at least one person was online.

Pretty interesting concept: