The Battle for the iOS Homescreen

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App maker Betaworks recently asked their Twitter followers to send screenshots of their phone’s homescreen. They received over 1,000 responses and have released the data they culled from the results. Some really fascinating trends immerged and it paints a picture as to how people actually use their smartphone. There’s a lot of interesting information in ...

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Study: Design is Good for Business

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I came across an article today studying the correlation between good design and good business. In a study of the top 75 publicly traded companies, 15 were identified as being design-led. “Design-led” in this case was defined as having “design had to be embedded within the company’s organizational structure; design leadership had to be present ...

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Connected UX

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A List Apart has an excellent article on the Importance of Integrated Data to perform a Connected UX. It’s definitely worth a read: Aaron Walter, the UX Director at Mailchimp, spent many years struggling with inefficient user research–the team often needed data that they had done before but couldn’t find, or was being recorded by ...

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