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TXFM is an application used by Tax Professionals and Customer Service reps at New York Life. For years, it had chugged along as a series of utilitarian green screens, until new regulations and increased functionality requests mandated the whole thing be redesigned.

I was brought in to manage the project, handle all the design and oversee the UX responsibilities. I started with a five-day design sprint, and with an iterative, user-centered effort that focused on frequent user-testing and live wireframing and requirement building, began work on what would become the new Tax System. Over the course of three months, I conducted user surveys, interviews and observations, led live wireframing sessions, designed and tested prototypes, wrote specifications, and worked with the development team.

The new application solves a number of problems: it’s absorbed many inefficient external transactions, it allows users to perform their work more quickly, it dramatically reduces user mistakes through contextual help and error alerts, and it allows new Customer Service People to be trained on it in a much shorter amount of time.