RL Hands

Ralph Lauren is a iconic fashion brand with a widespread salesforce and very high-end clients. As a result, they had some unique challenges to go along with some very familiar ones. Shopping in a Ralph Lauren store is a personalized, relationship-driven experience, where clients and sales professionals are on a first-name basis and communicating at all hours of the day or night by text.

Sales people already knew personalized details about their largest clients, but what if they could provide that same level of service to all their customers? What if a customer could get the same, personalized experience in Paris while on vacation, as they did at the store around the block in Manhattan?

Working with the sales professionals, customers, and the highest level executives, we designed a system to keep everyone in sync. Their current systems were expanded, paired with Salesforce and their point-of-sale solutions and integrated into a single dashboard. With a few taps, sales people could immediately bring up the shopping history, preferences and communications of their clients, along with any notes they’d jotted down. Even better, they could begin doing advanced filtering of their clients to uncover new opportunities.

My role on the project was as a UX designer and Researcher. I took the project from very early idea form through development, working with an agile (SCRUM) team. Relenting to the demands of the Ralph Lauren team (and against my advice), I also produced an Axure prototype of exceptionally feature-rich, high fidelity including full-width video backgrounds, custom web fonts, and hundreds of images and dynamic panels. And while the extra weight of the prototype slowed the time it took to make updates and impacted its performance, it proved invaluable for getting client and user buy-in and as a reference for the developers.

See the Axure Prototype

Password: Axure123