Michelin is a company with a widespread group of agents. These agents are tasked with visiting as many auto shops and tire retailers as they can, explaining the new models of tires and drumming up sales. It’s a busy job with lots of time on the road, on the phone and climbing under cars with their clients.

Michelin asked my team to improve the way they distributed assets that these Agents used to create PowerPoint presentations. However, I wasn’t sure that the solution to the issue was consolidating Images, Videos and Charts–what these Agents really needed was a way to quickly generate a presentation on the fly, based on their audience, tire models, season and sales figure.

The company loved the idea, and we built a tool that allowed an Agent to input a little information about the presentation they wanted, and receive a link to a custom built HTML page that behaved like a PowerPoint. Even better, it allowed Agents to share the link with their clients, so clients could go back, review the information at their leisure, and place an order. The Agents could now spend more time selling, while the company received valuable insights about what was actually being said and what information was most valuable to their customers.