eApp Showcase-Template-Flat-Presentation

New York Life has been processing new business in essentially the same way since 1845. Client meets agent, agent makes pitch, client signs forms, agent sends form to company. After 170 years, however, the web is introducing ways to make the process more efficient. eApp was a project to show the business how.

Online versions of the paper forms created opportunities for pre-filling data, offering contextual help to reduce errors, increased processing time since the forms can be submitted electronically, and reduced the amount of paper one needs to print and carry around.

I was brought on after the initial launch of the product, to update the look and feel, offer suggestions that utilized new technology, and advice on the best ways to implement the application on a mobile device. My work included a lot of user interviews, meetings with technology vendors, pitches to upper management, and a few weeks of design work.

The second version of the application has been successful–adoption climbed dramatically following my involvement in the project–and the company is beginning work on transitioning all its new business into the app in 2014.