In-House vs Hired Gun: Two Paths to Career Success

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  Over my career, I’ve bounced from in-house designer to hired gun a number of times. And frankly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. In fact, I’d suggest that every designer should try both sides of the fence before settling where they’re most fulfilled because each field forces you to focus on different, but ...

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The Best Web Professional Is the One That Doesn’t Exist

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The UX Blog Disambiguity recently published a post declaring that the best UX Team is the one that doesn’t exist. “I don’t see this as a governance issue. It’s not about who is ‘in charge’ of user experience. It’s a philosophical framework for sharing the responsibility for the users’ experience and allowing problems to be ...

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Frog Design Predicts Top 15 Trends for 2014

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It’s January and that means prognostication time for writers. I’m always wary of these lists, because I find my definition of a defining trend and that of journalists seem to vary widely. For example, 2013 was supposed to be the year of wearables–but I’d argue that they really had little effect on the marketplace. Sure ...

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UX Magazine Interviews Don Norman

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UX Magazine has a short interview with Don Norman, co-founder of the Neilsen Norman Group and author of the hugely influential book The Design of Everyday Things. What I like about him is not only is he insightful, he has a great way of cutting through the superficial and really getting to the heart of ...

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