Ehren-arms-crossedThere’s nothing magic about being a User Experience practitioner–it’s just hard work, attention to detail, and a sprinkle of creativity. The “magic” is easy to replicate if you can follow a process while improvising and realistically shoot for the stars.

My best work can’t easily be showcased on a website. Research, design, collaboration, digital strategy and UX Methodology are passions, make no mistake, but my real joy: solving problems. UX is just the tool belt.

I’ve been working in web creation, design, management and marketing since 2002. I’ve worked for tiny companies, huge ones, tech companies and traditional ones (meaning I have an impressive collection of both both suits and superhero tee shirts). I consider myself extremely fortunate to have worked in various other corners of the tech spectrum: customer service, content manager, marketing and analytics manager, project management, technologist, design evangelist…what drew me to this field is that there’s always something new to learn from the wonderful array of disciplines that have to come together to create something great.

I have a degree in English, a master’s in Internet Business Systems and certificates in User Experience Design. In my spare time, I read compulsively, play music, cook weird things, watch lots of movies, write about superheros, and laugh and take road trips as much as I possibly can.

Want to know more? Find me on LinkedIn or Shoot me a message! I’d love to hear from you.

My name is Ehren Miller. I am not a UX warlock. But I can help you make magic.